Feb. 14 – Darwin Day @ Redpath Museum

14h-16h– Celebrate Science and Evolution

(In English) Join the students from the Redpath Museum Society as we celebrate the amazing natural wonders of evolution. Learn about the history of life on Earth, the

origin of our species, the meaning of the earliest land plants found in the Gaspé, how fins evolved into limbs and how limbs evolved into wings. In the Dawson Gallery.

16h-17h – Darwin Day Lecture


What does Immunology have to do with Sex?

(in English)  By J. (Quim) Madrenas (Canada Research Chair in Human Immunology, McGill).

Bring a date and learn how sex and the immune system are linked.

In Auditorium. Everyone welcome, no reservation necessary.


All FREE with a donation to the Crowdfunding Campaign to purchase a replica of a Jurassic swimming reptile named Terminononator that was found in Saskatchewan a few years ago but has never been exhibited anywhere

In the Dawson Gallery.

Everyone welcome, no reservation necessary.

WHERE: Redpath Museum, McGill University, 859 Sherbrooke St. West

METRO: McGill BUS: 24 INFO: Redpath.museum@mcgill.ca



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