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A jazzy evening at La Sala Rossa

Looking for a good show tonight? Eyevin Trio is playing at La Sala Rossa at 8.30 pm tonight, and for the first time, will be join by Marilène Provencher-Leduc, Bertrand Margelidon, James A, Etienne Lebel and Julie Houle to create a new band called Apocalypse 8!! The show will be an tribute to Thomas Chapin. Cost: $10 Where: La Sala Rossa When: 8.30pm For more info:  

Revisit classical music in Montreal

This week, and until December 7th, classical music lovers will be gladden by the Bach Montreal festival! It will be the occasion to revisit the musical genius of this great composer through talented performers. For more information, visit the website:

Discover a part of Montreal undergound!

You want to discover Montreal fully, and not only the parts that we all read about in the travel guides? You can do it this weekend, by visiting Expozine, an annual event that regroups small publisher, self published autors and print artists of all kinds! This interesting fair is free, and will give you access to many books, zine and printed art that you will…

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The Sommets are back!

From November 21st to the 25th, the cinémathèque québécoise of Montreal is offering an exciting programming, as part of the 17th edition of the Sommets! Discover the best animated films, with local and international creations! From more information, have a look at the website:

Le Salon du Livre de Montreal continues!

Books are your passion? You still have time to visit the Salon du Livre, today until 7pm and tomorrow, from 9am to 3pm. It will be your chance to meet with your favorite writers, as well as to assist to fascinating conferences! Visit the website for more details about the signing schedule and other activities: