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Discover new talents

You want to discover new music? You would like to know the stars of tomorrow before everyone else? You’re in luck, because the contest “Ma first Place des Arts” continues until April 2nd! Have a look at the website for more details:

A surprising yet captivating opera!

From January 26th to February 2nd, we are going to the Opera de Montreal to enjoy Champion, a piece composed by one of the greatest jazzmen and trumpet player of our time, Terrence Blanchard. A surprising and successful mix, where jazz and opera are meeting in a boxing arena! For more information:

Enjoying the brand new snow

You want to enjoy all this nice snow? Why not go to the botanical garden for a some cross-crounty skiing? You will find 3km of trails, and the access is free! So bring your skis and enjoy! Fore more informations:

You need to feel a little warmer?

Today is too cold to go outside? Warm up your heart with this online exhibition about Frida Kahlo!

It’s time to go ice skating!

What a nice winter day! It’s the perfect time to discover one of the many outside skating rink of Montreal! Need suggestions? The park Lafontaine’s rink is a classic, of course, but you can also discover smaller and less crowded ones on the city’s website (which will also tell you the state of the ice for the day!) For more informations:,94954214&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Proud of our cultural diversity!

Montreal, it’s, above all, a multicultural city rich in diversity! This is why we strongly recommend that you visit the Museum of Fine Arts to see the exhibition called “Connexion”. It brings together 7 Canadian artists from cultural diversity. An exhibition as rich as our beautiful city! For more information:…/a-laffiche/diversite-artistique/

Feeling jazzy tonight?

Tonight, we are suggesting you an special evening at the Le Ritz PDB bar: starting at 7.30 PM, you will enjoy a live jazz show with amazing musicians! The different bands and musicians will play experimental music, sound art and free jazz. First, Emilie Payeur will play solo, followed by the duet of Stephanie Castonguay and Anne-F Jacques, and finally, get excited for the byte…

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Enjoy the snow!

You want some action on this beautiful winter day? Why not enjoy the snow and go gliding with the kids? You only need a sled or a crazy carpet for hours of fun! Our favorite gliding spots? Of course, Mont Royal is a classic, especially if you haven’t visit this iconic Montreal mountain yet! Otherwise, if you are looking to discover a quieter area, the…

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An inspiring visit at the McCord Museum

This week, we are going to visit the McCord museum – its permanent exhibition will help us learn about the clothing of the First Nations, Inuits and Metis communities. Beyond the fascinating colours and patterns, we can also appreciate the cultural, social and spiritual importance of these clothes. For more information:…/porter-son-identite-la-col…/

Is there still 9 planets in the solar system?

You did your share of partying during the Holidays, and now you are looking for some more quiet activities for the end of your vacation? Why not take a trip to the Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan?If learning that Pluto was not a planet made you sad, you will be happy to learn the researchers from California are suspecting that there would still be a ninth…

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