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Under the Snow Festival

This weekend, we will discover musicians and artists from the underground scene of Montreal! Located in the church in front of Laurier’s subway station, this fair will be the opportunity to purchase some very special and rare art. Don’t miss, it’s Sautrday and Sunday only!

Discover the art of the First Nations

The art of Native people are a passion for you, or you simply want to know more about it? Discover artists from the First Nations who contribute to enrich the art and culture of Quebec. During your next visit to the Old Port of Montreal, visit the Ashukan Cultural Space, an art galery that showcases the artists of these communities! For more information: (image…

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Don’t miss this big rock and roll classic!

Tonight, we are going to see a music show by the legendary band Kiss! They are in Montreal with their tour “The end of the road”. Who’s your favorite Kiss member?For more details:

A day of celebration for all

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you are from Irish descent or not, you can enjoy the nice weather and go see the parade. It’s happening right now!For more information on the route:

It’s maple time!

Sugar time is coming! Before, going to the sugar shack meant taking your car and driving a while to go out of Montreal, but not anymore! You can enjoy maple’s delights while staying in the city, thanks to the Chef à L’erable! He will combine traditional Quebec’s flavors to french and eastern influences, for a 100% decadent menu. For more informations, have a look at…

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Women’s Day is coming soon!

To celebrate women’s Day beautifuly, we have chosen to encourage feminist artists from here at the Coop les Récoltes, on March 9th. The bar will host a small fair for craftwomen, illustrators and visual artists that we love. For more information, consult the Facebook event:

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Underground art of Montreal

You missed the Nuit Blanche of Montreal last Saturday? Don’t worry, because you can still participate to the Festival Art Souterrain, it’s not too late! The vast majority of the work of art installed in the 33km of tunnels and galleries will remain in place until March 24th! A great cultural acitivity for all ages… For more details, see the programming:…/festival-art-souterrain-20…/