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Feeling jazzy tonight?

Tonight, we are suggesting you an special evening at the Le Ritz PDB bar: starting at 7.30 PM, you will enjoy a live jazz show with amazing musicians! The different bands and musicians will play experimental music, sound art and free jazz. First, Emilie Payeur will play solo, followed by the duet of Stephanie Castonguay and Anne-F Jacques, and finally, get excited for the byte…

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Enjoy the snow!

You want some action on this beautiful winter day? Why not enjoy the snow and go gliding with the kids? You only need a sled or a crazy carpet for hours of fun! Our favorite gliding spots? Of course, Mont Royal is a classic, especially if you haven’t visit this iconic Montreal mountain yet! Otherwise, if you are looking to discover a quieter area, the…

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An inspiring visit at the McCord Museum

This week, we are going to visit the McCord museum – its permanent exhibition will help us learn about the clothing of the First Nations, Inuits and Metis communities. Beyond the fascinating colours and patterns, we can also appreciate the cultural, social and spiritual importance of these clothes. For more information:…/porter-son-identite-la-col…/

Is there still 9 planets in the solar system?

You did your share of partying during the Holidays, and now you are looking for some more quiet activities for the end of your vacation? Why not take a trip to the Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan?If learning that Pluto was not a planet made you sad, you will be happy to learn the researchers from California are suspecting that there would still be a ninth…

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The best party to end the year!

You are looking for something special to do on New Year’s Eve? What about a great night at Le Lion D’Or? You can have a great dinner at their restaurant, and then enjoy dancing swing while watching an amazing performance from the Royal Pickles! The band will be joined by a few special guests – great musicians who will make the show even more enjoyable!…

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Spend Christmas time at la TOHU!

We take advantage of the holidays to go at la TOHU and see a circus show that will marvel you with wonder! 🙂 We highly recommend Passengers (presented until January 5th), a show of Les 7 doigts de la main, this great artistic collective that has been growing for 16 years. This fun show charmed us! For more details:…/programmati…/spectacle/2018-2019/passagers/

See Montreal like never before!

During the Holidays, the city is brighter than ever. It’s the perfect time to take a ride in the Montreal Big Wheel! It is 60 meters, making it the tallest Big Wheel in Canada. The temperature in the cabin is controled, so do not hesitate to enjoy the sight of the beautiful Christmas lights all around Montreal! For more informations:

It’s time to come out and play!

You would like to enjoy the winter with a bit of sport and a glimpse of nature? There is no need to drive for long hours to explore Quebec’s natural landscape: thanks to les amis de la montagne, you can discover a large variety of activities set on the Mont Royal, including snowshoeing treks and birds observation. It’s winter; the perfect time to play outside!…

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Discover local artisans!

On December 15th and 16th, let’s go to the Theatre Denise Pelletier to do our Christmas shopping!  This room in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve neighborhood will host the Etsy Montreal collective holiday market: it will be an opportunity to discover local crafts, be it jewelry, accessories, body care, food products of all kinds, art, decorations, etc. Admission is free, so do not hesitate to meet these 120…

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An evening full of music at La Casa Del Popolo!

This week, we want you to discover talented artists during a nice musical evening at La Casa del Popolo, from 7pm to 11pm, Wednesday, December 12th. It will be your chance to listen to Marsö, a French singer based in Montreal, accompanied by the Montreal band the Fjord, as well as Belle Grand Fille, who comes straight from Lac St-Jean. You can listen to their…

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