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A great weekend to the Park Lafontaine!

You want to enjoy the nice weather this weekend, starting on Friday? Why not go take a walk in the park Lafontaine, the iconic park of Montreal? Not only this would be a pleasant stroll in the heart of the city, but you will also be able to have a look at Montreal Comic Arts Festival: from Friday to Sunday (May 24th to 26th), there…

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May is comic book’s month!

The month of May celebrates comic books, comic strips and graphic novels all together, and Montreal has a lot of events related to that! Don’t hesitate to visit the Comic festival (FBDM) later this month, as well as participating to all the other events! Have a look at the calendar of activities here:…

Alegria is back!

Are you a big fan of the Cirque du Soleil? Good news, because the show Alegria, which has not been played for 25 years, is now back in Montreal! For more information, or to buy your tickets, you can have a look at the Cirsque du Soleil’s website:

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Underground art of Montreal

You missed the Nuit Blanche of Montreal last Saturday? Don’t worry, because you can still participate to the Festival Art Souterrain, it’s not too late! The vast majority of the work of art installed in the 33km of tunnels and galleries will remain in place until March 24th! A great cultural acitivity for all ages… For more details, see the programming:…/festival-art-souterrain-20…/

You need to feel a little warmer?

Today is too cold to go outside? Warm up your heart with this online exhibition about Frida Kahlo!

Proud of our cultural diversity!

Montreal, it’s, above all, a multicultural city rich in diversity! This is why we strongly recommend that you visit the Museum of Fine Arts to see the exhibition called “Connexion”. It brings together 7 Canadian artists from cultural diversity. An exhibition as rich as our beautiful city! For more information:…/a-laffiche/diversite-artistique/

Feeling jazzy tonight?

Tonight, we are suggesting you an special evening at the Le Ritz PDB bar: starting at 7.30 PM, you will enjoy a live jazz show with amazing musicians! The different bands and musicians will play experimental music, sound art and free jazz. First, Emilie Payeur will play solo, followed by the duet of Stephanie Castonguay and Anne-F Jacques, and finally, get excited for the byte…

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An inspiring visit at the McCord Museum

This week, we are going to visit the McCord museum – its permanent exhibition will help us learn about the clothing of the First Nations, Inuits and Metis communities. Beyond the fascinating colours and patterns, we can also appreciate the cultural, social and spiritual importance of these clothes. For more information:…/porter-son-identite-la-col…/

An evening full of music at La Casa Del Popolo!

This week, we want you to discover talented artists during a nice musical evening at La Casa del Popolo, from 7pm to 11pm, Wednesday, December 12th. It will be your chance to listen to Marsö, a French singer based in Montreal, accompanied by the Montreal band the Fjord, as well as Belle Grand Fille, who comes straight from Lac St-Jean. You can listen to their…

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Montreal, a city for theater

This week, we invite you to take a trip to the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde to discover Vu du pont, a text by Arthur Miller! In theaters until December 9, you absolutely have to see this amazing piece ! For more infos: