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November activites

A jazzy evening at La Sala Rossa

Looking for a good show tonight? Eyevin Trio is playing at La Sala Rossa at 8.30 pm tonight, and for the first time, will be join by Marilène Provencher-Leduc, Bertrand Margelidon, James A, Etienne Lebel and Julie Houle to create a new band called Apocalypse 8!! The show will be an tribute to Thomas Chapin. Cost: $10 Where: La Sala Rossa When: 8.30pm For more info:  

Revisit classical music in Montreal

This week, and until December 7th, classical music lovers will be gladden by the Bach Montreal festival! It will be the occasion to revisit the musical genius of this great composer through talented performers. For more information, visit the website: